McDonald's satisfies happy customers with a foundation of employee experience

McDonald’s satisfies happy customers with a foundation of employee experience

McDonald’s satisfies happy customers with a foundation of employee experience


McDonald’s is a storied American institution with a legacy spanning six decades of serving delicious hamburgers, shakes, and drinks. Walk into any location and the aroma of the Big Mac, sounds of children having fun, and commitment to charity through the Ronald McDonald House charities instantly evoke the memories of childhood.

The venerable chain hasn’t created this customer experience overnight. Behind the joy of opening a Happy Meal or diving into a McFlurry is a well thought out customer experience that’s taken decades to build. And behind that smile at the counter is an employee experience—complemented with the latest technologies—that makes serving 69 million employees everyday seem easy.

With so many employees and a world of customers to satisfy, how does the largest fast-food company in the world do it? It’s a question that Nancy Estell Zoder, SVP of Product Strategy, Oracle Cloud HCM asked Michael Oldham, Senior Director of HR Operations at McDonald’s at Oracle Live.

Turns out, it’s all about infusing purpose into their recipe for success.

“We’ve tried very hard in the last two years to get purposeful in what we do, as well as how we do it. It starts with leading with our values,” says Oldham. “And whether that was through COVID-19, or diversity, equity, and inclusion, there’s no employee experience program or technology that can serve a stronger foundation than what you stand for as a brand.”

However, creating purpose is more than just promising to implement programs. Oldham explained the non-negotiable components that McDonald’s infuses daily into their employee experience strategy, which includes being accurate with employee records, understanding each worker’s unique needs through analytics, and focusing on the most impactful workday activities.

The fast-food giant’s efforts have paid off, with high employee ratings translating into record profits. With the continued focus, McDonald’s iconic brand continues to thrive worldwide.

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