The CX Snapshot — April 2022

The CX Snapshot — April 2022

The CX Snapshot — April 2022


The CX Snapshot offers a roundup of news and insights on the evolving expectations for exceptional customer experiences, along with some of the best strategies to successfully deliver them.

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Make a maximum impact with our customer experience products and features

Oracle Virtual Summit Recap: Deliver remarkable experiences with connected field service

“At its core, service is driven by people. And when you improve the experience for everyone involved, we all win.” Wise words from Natalie Anderson, UK sales lead for Oracle and host of our recent virtual summit. A diverse group of industry and Oracle experts weighed in on the power of connected field service to deliver remarkable experiences—not just for customers, but for employees too. Check out the highlights >>

The digital evolution of field service: Take our self-assessment to see if you’re on the path to more outcome-centric service

Pivoting to product-as-a-service and outcome-based service models makes it easier for field service organizations to acquire new customers and grow existing accounts. Score your organization’s current strategy and find out if you’re ready to adopt new field service models. Take the assessment >>

WINDTRE to transform from telco to digital service provider

WINDTRE knew they needed to go beyond being a traditional telecommunications provider and become a digital player that can collaborate with third parties and integrate with the larger ecosystem. CIO Pierre Obeid shares how the company is partnering with Oracle to transform from the leading telco company in Italy to an omnichannel digital service provider. Read the post >>

Oracle named a Leader in the Forrester Wave™ for B2B Commerce Solutions, Q2 2022

With a comprehensive portfolio of easy-to-use site tools, Oracle Commerce empowers business and technical users to own the site experience and create something truly self-service for customers. See why Oracle was named a Leader in the latest Forrester Wave™ for B2B Commerce Solutions. Read the post >>

What’s Oracle’s take? Read our latest customer experience thought leadership and insights

Strengthen your customer experience strategy with these 5 tips

Customer experience (CX) is more than how you engage with your customers; it’s also how your customers feel about your brand. Industry leaders and Oracle partners at Swrve6sensePathFactoryUberflip, and Stensul share their tips for creating an effective customer experience strategy that gets customers excited about working with you. Read the post >>

5 ways to keep customer service agents from joining the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation. The big quit. Both are names for the current phenomenon that’s affecting just about every industry. Employees are resigning in droves because their jobs are negatively impacting their mental and physical health, work/life balance, and overall happiness—but it’s hitting customer service particularly hard. Find out how to best support your service agents and reduce the risk of mass resignations. Read the post >>

7 characteristics of the modern customer

The rising popularity of customer experience (CX) is parallel with the rise of consumer empowerment. Customers are now in control of when, where, and how they want to interact with a brand—and brands don’t have many opportunities to get it right. Check out seven characteristics of modern customers that affect their perceptions of CX. Read the post >>

What are the 10 rules of CRM success?

You already know the benefits of customer relationship management. Now learn how to successfully implement a CRM solution—and drive even more profitability. Oracle Product Marketing Manager Annie Calfo shares 10 building blocks to focus on to achieve successful CRM implementation and increase ROI. Read the post >>

Top 5 pieces of advice for cloud migration projects

At first glance, a cloud migration project can seem like a daunting process, but when organizations are armed with the proper knowledge, fear quickly turns to confidence. In Oracle’s Partner Perspectives podcast, we welcome leaders from trusted consulting firms around the world. Hear what they recommend to make the cloud migration journey a smooth and easy one. Read the post >>

Is subscription selling right for your business?

There are countless advantages to subscription business models for B2B companies, but simply having a subscription management solution doesn’t guarantee them. Senior Project Strategist Elizabeth Shaheen shares six questions to ask yourself to determine if you’re ready to adopt subscription selling and make the strategic changes to support it. Read the post >>

The most common challenges in customer experience strategy

A strong customer experience strategy is the first step to implementing practices that excite and engage your customers. Oracle Content Marketing Specialist Nicola Fairhead explores some of the latest research on CX strategy—and what’s holding many businesses back. Read the post >>


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Save the date for Oracle CloudWorld — October 16-20, Las Vegas

Las Vegas, here we come! Get ready for Oracle CloudWorld, our new global conference for our customers and partners. Mark your calendar and plan to join us to learn about Oracle cloud infrastructure and cloud applications from the people who build it and the community that uses it. Learn more >>

IDC MarketScape names Oracle a Leader in the Worldwide Manufacturing Service Life-Cycle Management Platforms 2022 Vendor Assessment

For manufacturers, establishing an enterprise strategy that includes service operations in a digital transformation journey has become a priority. We’re extremely pleased to announce that Oracle has been named a Leader by IDC MarketScape in their first-ever vendor assessment for Worldwide Manufacturing Service Life-Cycle Management Platforms. Read more >>

[Survey] Marketing Trends 2022: Marketers tell all about successes, struggles, and solutions

Customers demand enjoyable, personalized experiences. If you don’t deliver, you quickly fall behind the competition. This point became abundantly clear in a recent survey conducted by Ascend2 and Oracle. In “Marketing Trends 2022: Marketers tell all about successes, struggles, and solutions,” we surveyed 853 marketers to find out about the trends and technologies that can make campaigns more successful despite the disruptions of the past few years. Read the report >>

IDC MarketScape names Oracle a Leader in the Worldwide Customer Data Platforms Focused on Data and Marketing Operations Users 2022 Vendor Assessment

IDC recently released its MarketScape for Worldwide Customer Data Platforms Focused on Data and Marketing Operations Users 2022 Vendor Assessment, one of the first major analyst reports to examine the CDP market, and Oracle is proud to have been named a Leader. Explore the power of customer data platforms, how a CDP can support your CX efforts, and why Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform earned a coveted spot in the report. Read the post >>


March 2022

Make a maximum impact with our customer experience products and features

Workspace with Adaptive Search: A seller’s one-stop shop for CRM efficiency

One of the top complaints sales reps have about their sales force automation (SFA) solution is that it takes too long to find what they need in their CRM. Principal Product Manager Kayleigh Halko shares how Workspace with Adaptive Search solves this challenge and helps set sellers up for success. Read the post >>

Eliminating customer experience gaps with Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform integrations

According to Deloitte, on average, companies use more than 16 technology applications for customer data, with an average of 25 different data sources for generating customer insights and engagement. Such setups can rarely connect what really matters and help you provide relevant customer experiences. See how Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform helps you create unified customer profiles and take the next best steps in your CX. Read the post >>

Oracle helps field service teams deliver consistent and efficient service with new Workflow Manager

A generational shift is taking place across many industries, resulting in the most tenured field service team members retiring or leaving the field. And services are generally becoming increasingly more complex. To help our customers overcome these challenges and deliver high-quality service, we’ve introduced a new Oracle Field Service feature, Workflow ManagerRead the post >>

How clean is your sales and marketing data?

85% of sellers admit to making potentially embarrassing mistakes due to faulty CRM data. Is unreliable data impacting your sales and marketing teams? Verify the quality of your data with a complimentary data health scan. Read the post >>

What is the CPQ process?

Businesses implement a CPQ solution to increase sales productivity and improve the customer experience. To better understand how CPQ works within digital and in-person sales experiences, Senior Product Marketing Manager Reanna Gutierrez breaks down the three main components of the CPQ process. Read the post >>

What are the types of subscription models in B2B?

B2B subscription models offer convenience and predictability that benefit companies and their customers alikeEdmunds, the leading online resource for auto information, cut subscription processing time from days to hours using Oracle Subscription Management, increasing both subscriptions and revenue in the process. Senior Product Strategist Elizabeth Shaheen explores the various types of subscription products and services and how they could benefit your business. Read the post >>

Employees are the new customer: Why fusing the employee and customer experience is essential

In many cases, consumer-focused applications are more attuned to our preferences, needs, and habits than those we use day-to-day for our jobs. But what if businesses approached the employee experience in the same way? Director of CX Industry Strategy Harald Behnke explores how you can elevate your employee experience and start treating your team more like your customers. Read the post >>

What’s Oracle’s take? Read our latest customer experience thought leadership and insights

Digital-first customer service: Exploring the power of predictive service

By reaching out when a customer needs help (or even before), customer service organizations can resolve issues more quickly and ultimately offer much better customer experiences. See how Oracle can help you facilitate predictive service and strengthen the overall experiences you provide. Read the post >>

Often Imitated Podcast: Making customer education an art with Ben Kovalis, Co-founder and CMO, Art AI

Providing the right information at the right time is a must for great CX. In this episode of Often Imitated, a CX podcast, host Ben Wilson explores the concept of customer education—first through the story of trailblazing aviator Jacqueline Cochran and then in a discussion with Art AI Co-founder and CMO Ben Kovalis. Listen to the episode >>

How guided self-service saved the day

A dead battery is never a good thing. It can leave you stranded, make you miss an appointment, or generally just ruin your day. Find out how guided self-service turned an everyday frustration into a customer experience win. Read the post >>

Customer relationship management (CRM) definitions from the pros

There’s so much more to a customer relationship management strategy than just software. We asked industry leaders from Litmus, Uberflip, and 6sense to explain what customer relationship management means to them and how they implement it across their businesses. See what they had to say. Read the post >>

Black women leaders in adtech: How lack of representation impacts the advertising industry

As we look back on Black History Month and Women’s History Month, it’s important to examine the disparities in the tech and corporate landscape and work to ensure that all people are represented and equally heard. Oracle Content Marketing Specialist Autumn Black sat down with two amazing leaders to discuss their career experiences and why diversity is important in the advertising industry. Read the post >>

What kinds of businesses can benefit from CPQ?

Implementing a CPQ tool can help businesses automate sales processes, communicate and share data across teams, and provide more prompt, personalized quotes to customers. This post examines the types of businesses and products that benefit most from CPQ software—and the value of implementing a CPQ solution. Read the post >>

How sales force automation creates a better customer experience than traditional CRM

Sales leaders today are asking an important question: What technology is more effective for empowering sales teams—sales force automation (SFA) or customer relationship management (CRM)? Many are surprised to learn that SFA and CRMs are deeply related. Here’s a closer look at what you need to know. Read the post >>


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Save the date for Oracle CloudWorld — October 16-20, Las Vegas

Las Vegas, here we come! Get ready for Oracle CloudWorld, our new global conference for our customers and partners. Mark your calendar and plan to join us to learn about Oracle cloud infrastructure and cloud applications from the people who build it and the community that uses it. Learn more >>

Oracle ranks first in the 2022 Ventana Research Value Index for Revenue Performance Management

As an evolution of the Ventana Research Value Index for Sales Performance Management, Oracle is thrilled to be named an Exemplary Vendor, ranking first overall in the 2022 Ventana Research Value Index for Revenue Performance Management (RPM). We’re excited to again be recognized for our unified suite of applications and commitment to revenue operations technology. Read the post >>

Marvel taps Oracle CrowdTwist to keep fan base engaged and energized

Marvel wants to keep fans engaged with their favorite characters and help them explore parts of the Marvel Universe they don’t already know—and they’ve partnered with Oracle to do it. See why the Marvel Insider loyalty program, which runs on Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement, recently earned a spot in Newsweek‘s list of America’s Best Loyalty Programs for 2021. Read the article >>



February 2022

Make a maximum impact with our customer experience products and features

7 benefits of guided workflows for today’s field service organizations

It’s no secret that field service organizations are dealing with significant shifts in their mobile workforce. Thanks to a wave of retirements and a high rate of turnover, it can be difficult to deliver consistent service. Oracle Senior Product Marketing Manager Rick Shimko shares how guided workflows can help field service teams overcome such disruptions. Read the post >>

How Oracle and our partners can help you deliver customer service that meets the moment

According to McKinsey, “75% of people using digital channels for the first time during the pandemic indicated that they would continue to use them when things returned to ‘normal.’” So, it’s more important than ever to equip service teams with the right tools and customer insights to deliver proactive, personalized, and contextual interactions anywhere at any time. Read the post >>

Markies Mondays: The power of contextual intelligence to deliver positive campaign outcomes

See how the finalists for the Convergence Award for Best Agency Collaboration to Drive Better Outcomes for Client Campaigns, a new Markie Award that recognizes partnerships between Oracle Advertising and agencies or adtech partners who excelled at innovation, used data from Oracle Contextual Intelligence in a collaborative way to drive impactful campaign outcomes for their clients. Read the post >>

5 customer service software solutions that can improve customer loyalty and satisfaction

Having the right customer service software is key to delivering an exceptional customer experience (CX) that creates repeat customers. Ultimately, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, but there are several essential customer service capabilities that will not only help deliver great service, but also upsell existing clients, effectively nurture leads, and drive customer loyalty and satisfaction. Here are five to look out for. Read the post >>

What’s Oracle’s take? Read our latest customer experience thought leadership and insights

The future of customer service is digital-first service

These days, businesses compete on experiences. It’s what differentiates them from their competitors, and long-term survival depends on being able to stand out from the crowd. Oracle Director of Product Strategy Daniel Foppen shares Oracle’s vision for the future of customer service and how we help our customers differentiate themselves from the competition. Read the post >>

Sellers’ roles have significantly changed—it’s time their CRM software did too

According to our recent survey of sales professionals, eight in ten sellers feel their roles have significantly changed since the beginning of the pandemic. Learn how sellers feel about their changing role, their collaboration with marketers, and the tools and technologies they use—or would like to use—to make their jobs easier. Read the post >>

Often Imitated Podcast: The Art of Anticipating Needs with Ali Diab, CEO at Collective Health

How do you truly anticipate your customers’ needs? In this episode of Often Imitated, a CX podcast, host Ian Faison explores that elusive artform with a fascinating story of auto industry legend Lee Iaccocca and an eye-opening interview with Collective Health co-founder and CEO Ali Diab. Listen to the episode >>

Sales in 2022: Securing future sales success with revenue optimization

Following the disorientation of the last two years and the dramatic changes in how people and businesses buy, how can companies confidently carve their path for success going forward? Oracle Product Strategist Heather Sieberg sat down with Chief Revenue Officer Mollie Spillman to discuss today’s sales-based challenges and how to drive revenue growth in 2022. Read the post >>

New definitions of customer experience for 2022

Investing in better customer experience helps drive revenue growth and customer satisfaction, yet a generally accepted definition of the concept remains elusive. We reached out to a handful of industry experts to hear their definitions, including what CX represents and the value it brings. See what expertise they had to share. Read the post >>

4 keys to designing a great customer experience

Over the past two years, the rulebook for what makes a good customer experience has been forever altered, pushing brands to evaluate and modernize their approach to engendering brand loyalty, as well as connecting with customers and employees in a more meaningful way. Ansira Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships Dan Miller offers insight on how to create the ideal customer experience with a few essential techniques. Read the post >>

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) has its own unique glossary of terms

CPQ software helps businesses create ideal product and service configurations and build quotes that are accurate and personalized to the buyer’s needs—while maximizing profit, too. Not only can CPQ help your sales team be more efficient and effective, but it can also lead to a better customer experience. Here are a few common terms you’ll come across as you consider CPQ solutions. Read the post >>

Black History Month 2022: Celebrating Black trailblazers in technology, marketing, CX, and beyond

In honor of Black History Month in North America, our team at Oracle Advertising and CX took time to honor Black leaders who have transformed advertising, marketing, CX, and tech for the better. Read more about the incredible drive, talent, and creativity these incredible leaders bring to their fields. Read the post >>

The benefits of putting your CRM system on autopilot

B2B selling, particularly at the enterprise level, is more competitive and challenging than ever before. Thomas Wyatt, chief product and strategy officer at, shares three advantages to using artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to consolidate and analyze data and surface opportunities so sellers can focus their time and energy on selling. Read the post >>


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Oracle and Red Bull Racing launch a new chapter of innovation in Formula One

Oracle and Red Bull Racing have enhanced their partnership and introduced a new team name, Oracle Red Bull Racing, for the upcoming season. Building on the success of last year’s F1 Drivers’ Championship, the team’s 2022 season will feature expanded use of Oracle Cloud across its most significant areas of operation, including analytics-based race strategy, optimized engine development, AI and machine learning-powered driver training, and a tailored fan experience. Read the press release >>

Forrester names Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform a Strong Performer in CDPs

With four decades of experience as a data company, Oracle understands the importance of the customer data platform (CDP) in helping professionals who work with customer data find success. We’re pleased to share that Forrester rated Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform as a Strong Performer in The Forrester New Wave™: B2B Standalone CDPs, Q4 2021. Read the post >>

Oracle’s multi-year commitment to the National Museum of African American History and Culture

Opening in 2016 as the Smithsonian Institution’s 19th museum, the National Museum of African American Heritage and Culture stands as the United States’ most extensive cultural institution. As a Corporate Leadership Council member, Oracle is invested in furthering the museum’s mission of sharing how the African American experience helped to shape the nation. Read the post >>

Sleep Number turns its loyal customers into brand advocates

Sleep Number wants to help customers get the most from their beds and uses their loyalty program to help them do so. See why Sleep Number’s InnerCircle Rewards program, which runs on Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and EngagementOracle Responsys Campaign Management, and Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence, recently earned a spot in Newsweek‘s list of America’s Best Loyalty Programs for 2021. Read the article >>


January 2022

Make a maximum impact with our customer experience products and features

How to simplify the increasing complexity of field service management

With a rapidly declining labor force and more technical knowledge needed to perform field service jobs today, innovative new technologies can empower field service teams to resolve increasingly complex issues. Oracle Senior Manager of Product Management for Oracle Service John Ranalli shares how such technologies can help simplify field service processes and set technicians up for success. Read the post >>

6 myths about configure, price, quote (CPQ) debunked

The Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) ecosystem has exploded in recent years, and with that growth, so has the noise and misinformation. Oracle Senior Principal Product Manager Graham McInnes helps debunk some of the myths and get straight to the truth. Read the post >>

How fusing back- and front-office experiences can benefit your business

See why so many companies today are moving toward platform-based, technology-driven business models that fuse the traditionally separate areas of ERP, SCM, HCM, and CX to provide better experiences for employees and customers alike. Read the post >>

Oracle’s estimated compensation feature is a win-win for your sellers and your business

For salespeople, planning for the unexpected means having a sure-fire way to track earnings related to commissions. Find out how Oracle’s estimated compensation feature, now available as part of Oracle Sales Performance Management, can empower sales reps to do their best work without worrying about their earnings for each prospective deal. Read the post >>

Oracle’s year in review: Helping customers turn change into opportunity

In the midst of turbulence last year, many organizations looked to a new generation of modern cloud enterprise applications to build greater operational resilience and adaptability. See how Oracle Cloud Applications helped businesses innovate and accelerate their digital transformation. Read the post >>

What’s Oracle’s take? Read our latest customer experience thought leadership and insights

Adweek Outlook Keynote: 4 keys to success from Oracle GVP Celika Caldwell

To say Celika Caldwell, Oracle GVP of Customer Experience Management for Oracle Advertising and CX, knows customer experience is an understatement. Check out the essential CX strategies she shared at Adweek Outlook 2022. Read the post >>

Top 5 customer experience (CX) quotes of 2021

Experts agree that good customer experience is a competitive advantage. It helps you drive revenue, keep the customers you have, and create brand loyalty. As we look back at 2021, here are some inspiring, thought-provoking CX quotes from industry leaders. Read the post >>

IoT at work in the healthcare industry

The Internet of Things (IOT) makes it possible for fitness bands, smart watches, and other wearable devices to track blood pressure, heart rate, calorie intake, and more. But its reach extends far beyond personal wearable devices. IoT is now helping physicians make real-time decisions and hospitals and health clinics provide the best patient care possible. Explore how IoT is transforming healthcare experiences for physicians, patients, and hospitals. Read the post >>

4 customer experience elements that are musts for your strategy

An exceptional customer experience doesn’t happen at once. Customer experiences need to be continually evaluated and adapted to provide an exceptional buyer journey. Here are four key elements of a successful customer experience strategy to help you fine-tune customer engagement at each level. Read the post >>

Making your CX go viral

How do you get your products in the hands of the right people to get noticed? Captiv8 Co-founder and CEO Krishna Subramanian has the answers. In this episode of Often Imitated, a CX podcast, Krishna shares how to get the right influencers connected to your brand and give your customers an aspirational customer experience because of it. Listen to the episode >>

How to map your customer journey and get results

The customer journey is always changing. Mapping out customer touchpoints is the best way to align strategy in order to achieve your objectives. Oracle Senior Solution Engineering Manager Ryan Patin and Senior Strategist Ana Jablonski share what to consider when journey mapping, current innovations and trends, and common mistakes to avoid. Read the post >>

Oracle partners predict what 2022 will bring for the world of CX

Oracle Advertising and CX leverages a diverse community of software and integration partners and industry leaders in the CX space. Discover what some of our key partners expect to see in 2022. Read the post >>


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Oracle opens first cloud region in Africa

Oracle recently announced the availability of its first cloud region in Africa to meet the rapidly growing demand for enterprise cloud services on the continent. The Oracle Cloud Johannesburg Region will boost cloud adoption across Africa while also helping businesses achieve better performance and drive continuous innovation. The opening marks Oracle’s 37th cloud region worldwide with plans to have at least 44 cloud regions by the end of 2022. Read the press release >>

Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform named a Strong Performer in the Forrester New Wave™: B2B Standalone CDPs, Q4 2021 evaluation

Oracle is pleased to be rated a Strong Performer in The Forrester New Wave™: B2B Standalone CDPs, Q4 2021 evaluation, and to be among the companies Forrester considers the 14 most significant providers in the B2B standalone customer data platform space. Read the report >>

Markies Mondays: Using contextual intelligence to target customers in the moments that matter

Modern advertising and marketing pros use data to deliver meaningful, relevant experiences at the right moment. See how the finalists for the Context Award for Best Application of Positive Contextual Targeting, one of our prestigious annual Markie Awards, generated a splash by leveraging contextual intelligence technology to target trending moments. Read the post >>


December 2021

Make a maximum impact with our customer experience products and features

Markies Mondays: Bridging the gap between marketing and sales with effective lead management

The buyer’s funnel can be quite a maze, but some organizations have made it easy to pull leads all the way through. The finalists of the Cultivator Award for Best Lead Management Program, one of Oracle’s 15th annual Markie awards, crafted unique solutions for turning leads into revenue by deepening the relationship between their marketing and sales teams. Read the post >>

Oracle sales team sees tremendous success with Oracle CX Sales Mobile

We were excited to offer one of our latest innovations to the Oracle sales team to help them stay connected and be even more productive in this ever-changing environment. Oracle Product Manager Mary Correnti shares what all it can do for your team. Read the post >>

Help sellers get back to selling: Take our self-assessment to evaluate your path toward sales success

With the right tools, sellers can spend less time entering data and more time focused on selling. Use our brief self-assessment to score your organization’s current sales strategy. Take the assessment >>

3 ways Oracle Red Bull Racing crafts the ultimate customer experience

What’s the ultimate customer experience for today’s sports fans? Oracle Red Bull Racing has teamed up with Oracle Advertising and CX to deliver unrivaled experiences that keep fans at the heart of the action.  Read the post >>

5 ways to measure success with your CPQ tool

configure, price, quote (CPQ) tool can help your sales organization operate more efficiently, minimize errors, and reduce costs. Learn the top five KPIs you should know to track and optimize the performance of your CPQ tool. Read the post >>

Markies Mondays: Convert transactional customers into brand loyalists with ecommerce excellence

Today, it’s all about creating commerce experiences that give buyers more—powerhouse content, personalized recommendations, and websites tailored to their needs. See how the finalists for the Convert Award for Best Commerce Experience, our longest running and most competitive Markie award, are taking personalization and content to the next level. Read the post >>

What’s Oracle’s take? Read our latest customer experience thought leadership and insights

People love new food ordering and pick-up tech, but it’s making them impatient

As restaurants look ahead to 2022, an Oracle Food and Beverage survey conducted by Untold Insights shows consumers expect service that is personal, super-fast and data-led. See how more than 5,700 global consumers responded about everything from curbside pick-up and sustainability to ordering and payment options. Read the report >>

Giving your customers their lightbulb moment

There’s a lot of lore surrounding the invention of the lightbulb. But regardless of who’s side of history you’re on, Edison’s contribution to bringing electricity to the masses is unmatched. In this episode of Often Imitated, a CX podcast, boodleAI CEO and co-founder Shawn Olds reveals how usage-based pricing can revolutionize your entire customer experienceListen to the episode >>

Stay cool (or warm) at your IoT-connected home or business

The Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing new and exciting opportunities to the HVAC industry, providing embedded intelligence and connectivity that enables users to make better use of their assets-saving energy. See how IoT systems are conserving energy, reducing costs, and providing the greatest comfort possible. Read the post >>

How to drive consistency with your cross-channel marketing for the best customer experience

The average consumer sees thousands of ads in a single day. How can you break through the noise? Litmus VP of Marketing Cynthia Price shares a few tips for doing just that with clear, consistent, cross-channel marketingRead the post >>

Markies Mondays: 5 software innovators that help companies achieve great CX

The annual Visionary Award for CX ISV Partner of the Year celebrates independent software vendors that develop the most innovative application or technology to complement Oracle Advertising and CX and transform the customer experience. See how five ISVs partnered with Oracle to offer exceptional solutions that help companies deliver the high-quality customer experiences today’s customers have come to expect. Read the post >>


We’re making news! Get the scoop below

Oracle Red Bull Racing Rewards Fan Loyalty

Oracle Red Bull Racing may be heading into the off-season, but they’re not slowing down—especially when it comes to customer engagement and loyalty. See why The Oracle Red Bull Racing Paddock, powered by Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement, in conjunction with Oracle Responsys Campaign ManagementOracle Unity Customer Data Platform, and other Oracle Marketing solutions, recently earned a spot in Newsweek‘s list of America’s Best Loyalty Programs for 2021. Read the article >>

There’s still time to take the Oracle Virtual Road Trip 2021

As we kick off the new year, take a virtual trip around the globe to see some of the amazing things our customers, partners, and employees have been up to and how Oracle plays a part. The itinerary includes a sustainability champion in Stockholm, an NBA franchise in San Antonio, a developer of life-saving genetic treatments in Sydney, and many others. Visit all our favorite stops >>

Markies Mondays: 4 system integrators that changed the game for customer experience

Our finalists for the 2021 Game Changer CX SI Partner of the Year Award did truly innovative work combining Oracle’s products and their services to transform their clients’ business during very challenging times. Read the inspirational stories of these system integrators who used creative solutions to find success. Read the post >>


November 2021

Make a maximum impact with our customer experience products and features

Razer pioneers exceptional customer service delivery with Oracle Service and Five9

See how Razer, the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers and a digital-first customer service leader, prioritizes the customer experience and uses automation to help them get customers back in the game. Read the post >>

Where’s my field service technician?

Oracle’s Where’s My Technician field service functionality provides customers total visibility to enhance the customer experience from the moment a service appointment is scheduled. Read the post >>

How smart is your customer service strategy? Take our self-assessment to see how you can deliver more intelligent service

Are you simply reacting to customer inquiries or delivering customer service in an intelligent way that fosters loyalty, improves retention, and increases repeat purchases? Learn how our brief self-assessment can help you score your organization’s strategy. Read the post >>

CDP vs. CRM vs. DMP: Their differences, capabilities, and how they can work together

Customer data platformscustomer relationship management systems, and data management platforms all help digital marketers personalize their marketing and gauge its effectiveness. Let’s get more acquainted with them and how they work together. Read the post >>

Markies Mondays: Combining technology and creativity for a better customer experience

The finalists for the Thinker Award for Best Innovation in CX from Oracle’s 15th annual Markie Awards leveraged Oracle technology, brought teams together, and developed creative incentives to catapult revenue. Read the post >>


What’s Oracle’s take? Read our latest customer experience thought leadership and insights

Top field service technology and trends in 2021

As field service management changes, so do field service’s tech trends. Oracle Senior Product Marketing Manager Rick Shimko’s list of the best field service trends spotlights what’s new and what’s next. Read the post >>

Bake the perfect CX

According to April Dunford, founder and CEO of Ambient Strategy, “Customer experience is not the thing that brings you through the door. But it is absolutely the thing that keeps you there.” In this episode of Often Imitated, a CX podcast, April reveals the secrets to positioning your products and getting customers to obsess over them. Listen to the episode >>

Five ways IoT is impacting customer service in the automotive industry

The Internet of Things (IoT) has opened a new world for customer experience in the automotive industry—from connected cars to self-driving vehicles. Oracle Product Marketing Manager Jess Kaufman explores five major effects of IoT on automotive innovation. Read the post >>

“What is CPQ?” The better question is “What can CPQ be?”

Go beyond the basics of a configure, price, quote (CPQ) tool and discover how integrating it with CRM and ERP can spell big opportunities for your business. Read the post >>

3 customer service best practices that help build customer loyalty

From making product suggestions to responding to complaints, exceptional customer service is the lifeblood that sustains customer loyalty and retention. Check out these strategies for building customer loyalty through great customer service. Read the post >>

Markies Mondays: 3 benefits of a connected CX ecosystem

When it comes to tracking customer engagement and data across your platforms, connection is key. See how the finalists for this year’s Nexus Award for Best CX Ecosystem worked hard to build their own well-oiled CX machine. Read the post >>


We’re making news! Get the scoop below

How Meineke drives customer loyalty with Oracle

By offering more than points, Meineke Rewards shows how to drive customer loyalty. See why the Meineke Rewards program, which runs on Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement, recently earned a spot in Newsweek‘s list of America’s Best Loyalty Programs for 2021. Read the article >>

Oracle Virtual Road Trip 2021

Join us as we visit with Oracle customers, partners, and employees around the globe: an NBA franchise in San Antonio, a developer of life-saving genetic treatments in Sydney, and many others. Learn what they’re up to and how Oracle plays a part. Check out our recent stops >>

Markies Mondays: Taking risks can lead to a rewarding ROI

Whether you’re crunching the actual numbers or measuring the impact on people’s lives, return on investment (ROI) can be calculated in many different ways. See how this year’s finalists for the Upshot Award for Best Demonstrated ROI took measured risks and reaped astounding benefits as a result. Read the post >>


October 2021

>Make a maximum impact with our customer experience products and features

Equip customer service agents with actionable intelligence

Customer service agents need access to a wide range of customer data to provide the best possible service. Learn how Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform works with Oracle B2C Service to support their efforts. Read the post >>

The latest innovations from Oracle Sales help sellers get back to selling

Learn how the latest innovations for Oracle Sales help simplify the sales process with an intuitive yet sophisticated CRM that sellers look forward to using. Read the post >>

Four customer data categories and how to use them

Check out the top four customer data categories, the best methods of data collection, and the tools you can use to make the most use of the customer data you have. Read the post >>


What’s Oracle’s take? Read our latest customer experience thought leadership and insights

What field service leaders are saying about the new normal

Oracle Senior Product Marketing Manager Rick Shimko shares insights from field service leaders at the Service Council’s Smarter Services Symposium on their perspectives and plans for the future, AKA the “new normal.” Read the post >>

Experience TV episode 13: Mobile data privacy featuring Gadi Eliashiv

Discover the nuances of mobile user data and how that data is kept private in episode 13 of Experience TV, a show about the economic revolution we’re living through. Read the post >>

Reimagining customer experience: How B2B sellers can meet new buyer demands

Five9‘s Jessica Shea offers advice on how to reimagine the customer experience and meet the new breed of B2B customers when, where, and how they prefer to engage. Read the post >>


We’re making news! Get the scoop below

Oracle Red Bull Racing delivers first-of-its-kind loyalty program: Welcome to The Oracle Red Bull Racing Paddock

Oracle Red Bull Racing just launched The Oracle Red Bull Racing Paddock, a unique new loyalty program powered by Oracle CrowdTwist Loyalty and Engagement that enhances the experience for fans around the world and brings them closer than ever to the race action. Read the post >>

Oracle named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Configure, Price, and Quote Application Suites

Oracle is excited to be recognized as a Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Configure, Price, and Quote Application Suites for the 5th consecutive year. Read the post >>

Markies Mondays: How 3 SMBs used data insights to offer a better customer experience

During the 15th annual Markie Awards, Oracle recognized companies who used data in new and creative ways to improve the customer experience with extraordinary results. Take a closer look at how they did it. Read the post >>


September 2021

Make a maximum impact with our customer experience products and features

How they did it: Credit Acceptance Corporation arms sales reps with next-gen Oracle CX Sales Mobile

For sellers, access to a reliable, effective mobile app offering a consistent CRM experience in the field is a must. See how Credit Acceptance Corporation made the move to Oracle CX Sales Mobile. Read the post >>

What Dummies® can teach you about customer experience and SaaS

Where should you start when developing your strategy for customer experience technology? Here are 3 things to consider as you prepare to dive in. Read the post >>

3 ways Oracle’s Agent Insights turns customer intelligence into action

Take a closer look at how Oracle’s Agent Insights simplifies the agent experience and helps customer service organizations deliver the seamless experience customers have come to expect. Read the post >>


What’s Oracle’s take? Read our latest customer experience thought leadership and insights

A post-pandemic paradigm for marketers

With the pandemic impacting digital trends, B2B selling has become increasingly virtual. Oracle launched Oracle Fusion Marketing, a new product designed to help marketing and sales teams work together seamlessly, sell more, and drive revenue. Read the post >>

[Study] How the pandemic has changed customer experience in the US

In a new Oracle survey, 86% of Americans reported a change in their own personalities during the pandemic. Get inside the mind of consumers and learn how you can adapt to deliver even stronger customer experiences. Read the post >>

3 ways high tech and manufacturing brands can improve the B2B selling experience

See how Oracle Sales helps high tech and manufacturing companies anticipate their B2B customers’ needs, drive efficiency, and increase financial value. Read the post >>

Top 5 Often Imitated Podcasts you don’t want to miss

In honor of International Podcast Day, we compiled a list of the top 5 episodes of Often Imitated, a CX podcast presented by Oracle Advertising and Customer ExperienceRead the post >>


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Gartner once again names Oracle a Leader in their Magic Quadrant™ for Field Service Management

Oracle is excited to be recognized as a Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Field Service Management for the 10th consecutive year. Read the post >>

Oracle named a 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Sales Performance Management

Oracle is excited to announce that we’ve been recognized as a Customers’ Choice in the August 2021 Gartner Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer” for Sales Performance Management. Read the post >>

Markies Mondays: The Customer Experience Journey

Oracle’s Pinnacle Award for Best Overall Customer Experience-SMB recognizes organizations that provide personalized outreach and a polished customer experience. Take a closer look at five SMB organizations that are delivering experiences to keep customers informed, engaged, and coming back for more. Read the post >>

Markies Mondays: 3 ways enterprise organizations made customer experience matter

The 15th annual Markie awards recognized five enterprise organizations that successfully adapted in the face of change to put their customers first. Take a closer look at their three approaches to connecting with customers, meeting their needs, and showing they care. Read the post >>


August 2021

Make a maximum impact with our customer experience products and features

The Top 10 “Can’t Miss” Oracle Sales features from the first half of 2021

In our jam-packed quarterly releases from the first half the year—21A and 21B—we introduced many great features to help sellers focus on the most valuable prospects at the right time—and ultimately sell more. Here are a few of the highlights you won’t want to miss! Read the post >>

Workspace Infolets help sellers conquer the CRM chaos

An effective CRM solution allows sales professionals to surface valuable context about the data it houses and complete necessary tasks from a single application. Oracle’s new Workspace Infolets are just the tool to help reps stay organized and spend time on the work that matters most. Read the post >> 

Six service teams show how the right field service solution drives real results

Many companies are innovating to keep pace with ever-changing customer expectations and the evolving role of field service. See how six teams are realizing gains and driving positive outcomes with the help of Oracle Field ServiceRead the post >>

Oracle Engagement Engine gives customers the seamless digital service experiences they crave

While some brands shifted quickly to address new consumer needs during the pandemic, others are struggling to provide the proactive, personalized customer service their loyal customers have come to expect. Learn how Oracle Engagement Engine can help you engage with customers in real time with relevant content and tailored experiences. Read the post >>

Oracle drinks its own champagne infused with valuable CX partner solutions

At Oracle, we’ve established a robust ecosystem of Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners across marketingsalescommerce, and customer service whose solutions successfully complement our Advertising and CX portfolio of applications. Take a look at the leading partner solutions we’ve recently deployed at Oracle, and see how they bring value to our business and joint customers. Read the post >>


What’s Oracle’s take? Read our latest customer experience thought leadership and insights

Why CRM software is failing sellers

CRM’s initial promise was to automate the selling process and ultimately help a salesperson sell more. But the reality has fallen short. Rob Tarkoff, EVP and General Manager of Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience, shares his thoughts on the failure of traditional CRM and the need for something new. Read the post >>

How proficient are you with customer data? Take our self-assessment and see how a CDP can help

Every customer interaction matters, and data management plays a role in determining whether it will resonate with your customer or completely miss the mark. When’s the last time you evaluated your effectiveness at managing customer data? Take a fresh look with our brief self-assessment and learn more about how a customer data platform can help you optimize your data for powerful customer experiencesRead the post >>

5 success factors for smart cities

Cities working toward the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals see the need for smart city initiatives, such as a transformation of service delivery, constituent services that are more accessible and equitable, and a data-driven approach to service improvement and policy. Learn more about these cities of the future and the steps they’re taking toward progress. Read the post >>


We’re making news! Get the scoop below

Oracle named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation for 5th year in a row

Oracle is proud to be recognized for the fifth consecutive year as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation. Download the full report to learn more about how it can help you increase revenue, build a better sales pipeline, and increase seller efficiency.

Oracle sets the gold standard for B2B commerce in the 2021 Paradigm B2B Combine

Oracle was recently awarded 10 out of 10 medals in the 2021 Paradigm B2B Combine based on our commitment to delivering personalized experiences for our customers and helping them do the same for their customers. Download the full report to read more about our recognition and our digital commerce solutions.

IDC names Oracle a Leader in utilities customer engagement and experience

Oracle was named a Leader by IDC in its MarketScape: Worldwide Customer Experience Management (CXM) Solutions for Utilities 2021 and MarketScape: Worldwide Digital Customer Engagement Solutions for Utilities 2021 reports. Oracle was the only vendor to lead in both reports, highlighting our unique ability to help utilities deliver fast, intuitive, and connected customer experiences. Learn more >>

Our 3 reasons why Oracle Commerce should be on your short list following The Forrester Wave™: DXP Report

The success of your digital commerce investment depends on your ability to make meaningful connections with your customers. See why Oracle Commerce was recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Digital Experience Platforms (DXP), Q3 2021 report and how it can help you exceed customer expectations and generate more revenue from your digital channels. Read the post >>

Markies Mondays: Find inspiration from these 5 customer experience standouts

We’re excited to celebrate the finalists and winners of Oracle’s 15th annual Markie awards—the movers and shakers who are creating outstanding customer experiences by pushing innovation to the limit. Each post in the Markies Mondays series will showcase one of the 14 award categories and the people and organizations using technology to drive success for them and their customers. Read the first post >>


July 2021

Make a maximum impact with our customer experience products and features

3 AI-driven innovations to support sellers throughout the customer lifecycle

To turn every customer interaction into an opportunity, sellers need the right resources to deliver relevant and valuable experiences at every touchpoint. See how Oracle is helping sellers translate buying signals into actions by blending artificial intelligence throughout the entire selling process. Read the post >>

Workspace Infolets help sellers conquer the CRM chaos

An effective CRM solution allows sales professionals to surface valuable context about the data it houses and complete necessary tasks from a single application. Oracle’s new Workspace Infolets are just the tool to help reps stay organized and spend time on the work that matters most. Read the post >> 

3 new features of Oracle’s Browser User Interface that improve the agent experience

Oracle Service’s Browser User Interface enables better agent experiences that lead to improved employee retention and customer satisfaction, and we’re continuously adding new features to improve its usability and intuitiveness. Check out three of our latest additions. Read the post >>

Partner Workspace: Meet new channel sales expectations with speed and ease

Channel managers have become a critical lifeline to help partners remain relevant and meet new customer demands. See how Oracle’s Partner Workspace can help them come out on top in the midst of today’s challenging sales environment. Read the post >>


What’s Oracle’s take? Read our latest customer experience thought leadership and insights

Ask, analyze, and act: 3 tips for implementing a successful customer experience strategy

Running a successful CX strategy sounds simple, but there are challenges to consider and overcome. Oracle VP of CX Strategy Joshua Rossman shares 3 key steps for collecting, analyzing, and distilling customer feedback into a successful CX strategy. Read the post >>

The link between happy retail employees and positive customer experiences

Why do some customer experiences exceed our expectations while others are lacking in so many ways? Much of it comes down to the employee. With a process, a purpose, and even a little AI, employers can provide a positive employee experience that trickles down to their customers. Read the post >>

3 new fraud risks that come with alternative payments

Offering quick and easy alternative payment options helps businesses compete in this new commerce ecosystem, but such advances also bring their fair share of risk. ClearSale EVP and Partner Rafael Lourenco explains what to look out for and how to prepare. Read the post >>

How AI can help sellers save time and sell more

Artificial intelligence (AI) may not be a superpower, but when deployed correctly, it can provide prescriptive sales insights that help account teams close more deals without adding needless steps to their workflow. See how AI can help sellers lighten the load. Read the post >>

Celebrating the contributions of women in the workplace every day of the year

There’s definitely room at the top in IT for talented women. But what can we all do to open the doors for female colleagues? Global SVP of Marketing for Oracle Advertising and CX Nate Skinner shares five ways to serve as allies for the women you work with. Read the post >>

Experience TV episode 12: Practical AI for the modern marketer

From fatigue analysis to account intelligence, AI is being deployed right now to power exceptional marketing and customer experiences. Experience TV’s Katie Martell sat down with Trust Insights’ Chris Penn and Oracle’s own Stephen Streich to explore its potential along with practical strategies for incorporating AI into your marketing and CX practices. Read the post >>

We’re making news! Get the scoop below

Oracle wins big with six Adweek “Readers’ Choice” awards

Thank you to our customers and Adweek readers for giving us more top marks than any other company. The pandemic forced marketers to shoulder more responsibility during the past year, which gives added importance to this customer recognition. Read more from Rob Tarkoff, EVP and general manager for Oracle Advertising and CX.

Golden State Warriors announce Oracle as team performance center partner

The Golden State Warriors and Oracle recently announced the expansion of their longstanding partnership with the launch of the Oracle Performance Center. The NBA’s most advanced training and recovery center will deliver new insights and a custom high performance system to enhance player performance. Read the press release for more details.

Congratulations to Oracle’s 2021 Markie Award winners

15th annual Markie Award recipients delivered exceptional customer experiences during difficult times. Nate Skinner, global SVP of marketing for Oracle Advertising and CX, takes a closer look at what makes this year’s nominees so exceptional.


June 2021

Blog Series: Unlocking the value of IoT-enabled customer service experience

When implemented the right way, the Internet of Things (IoT) can help resolve and even proactively prevent many customer service issues. Companies can use it to create new value-added service offerings, such as remote diagnostics, preventative maintenance, or automatic resolution.

Our blog series explores how brands can apply the data and insight provided by IoT devices to deliver better customer service interactions.

Make a maximum impact with our customer experience products and features

Smart Lists: The best CRM search is the one you never have to do

What if sellers never had to search for info to tackle the priorities on their to-do lists? See how Smart Lists surface those details and help sellers spend their time on the work that matters most. Read the post >>

Make it personal: 2 improvements to humanize customer service

Oracle Service continues to deliver next-generation service experiences for both agents and customers. See how our new knowledge management for B2B service and asynchronous chat solutions can help you simplify and humanize the customer service experience. Read the post >> 

Using sites management APIs with an application user: A quick start guide

Oracle Content Management offers many great opportunities for collaboration and internal communications. See how site management APIs can help save you time and bring even more value to your organization. Read the post >>

What’s Oracle’s take? Read our latest customer experience thought leadership and insights

Improving the customer experience with artificial intelligence

Oracle’s Director of CX Field Marketing for EMEA North Daniel Renggli takes a closer look at how artificial intelligence can have a positive impact on the customer experience across customer service, marketing, and sales. Read the post >>

Can your ecommerce platform adapt to the growing demands of digital ecommerce?

B2B segments are one of the fastest-growing areas for new and established companies. Capturing your share of that market is crucial. Our partners at Tata Consultancy Services share how tackling this challenge can be much easier than you think. Read the post >>

Oracle Content Management accelerates digital transformation at AirBorn

Oracle Content Management has helped the team at Airborn save valuable time, work together more efficiently, and dramatically improve their digital self-service offerings. Global Marketing Manager Patrick Tolbert recently shared a few highlights of how it has played a key role in the company’s digital transformation strategy. Watch the replay >>

Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform redefines customer intelligence

The way customers engage with brands is now dynamic and somewhat unpredictable, yet they expect to be served with a relevant experience in real time with every interaction. See how Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform can help you understand your customers’ needs and provide the appropriate, device-centric, contextually-accurate experiences they’ve come to expect. Read the post >>

We’re making news! Get the scoop below

Gartner names Oracle a Leader for CRM Customer Engagement Center ten years in a row

For the tenth consecutive year, Oracle is proud to be recognized as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Engagement Center based on our ability to execute and our completeness of vision. Download the full report to learn more.

Oracle Redwood wins San Francisco Design Week’s coveted User Experience Award

There’s no reason the experience of using technology in a workplace can’t be as intuitive, polished, and delightful as the state-of-the-art experiences we have on our personal devices. See how Redwood, Oracle’s next-generation user experience, is reinventing the way Oracle customers interact with technology and consume information. Learn more about why this award from San Francisco Design Week really matters to us. 

Oracle named a Leader for Multichannel Marketing Hubs for fourth consecutive year

Gartner named Oracle a Leader in the 2021 Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs for the fourth year in a row. Read the full report to learn more about this distinction and how Oracle Marketing makes it possible for you to make every customer interaction matter.

Forbes lists Oracle in America’s Best Employers for Diversity 2021

Oracle is pleased to share we made Forbes’ list of America’s Best Employers for Diversity. The list is determined by a survey of approximately 50,000 U.S. employees working for companies that employ 1,000 or more people. Check out the complete list. 

Congratulations to the 2021 Markie Awards finalists!

We’re excited to recognize customer experience innovation and excellence with our 15th annual Markie AwardsRead more about our amazing finalists and their remarkable stories of success. Winners will be announced Tuesday, July 27, at 10 a.m. CT.


May 2021

Hear about recent product innovations and what’s coming next for Oracle Advertising and CX

On May 12, Executive Vice President and General Manager for Oracle Advertising and CX Rob Tarkoff and several members of our leadership team outlined the latest product innovations across advertising, marketing, sales, and service. Watch the replay!

For the highlights from each leader, check out their own blog posts on the event:

  • Sales by VP of Product Development Katrina Gosek
  • Marketing by VP of CX Product Management Holly Simmons
  • Service by VP of Product Management Jeff Wartgow
  • Advertising by Chief Product Officer Derek Wise

See how to make a maximum impact with our customer experience products and features

3 ways to gamify your loyalty program with Oracle CrowdTwist

To maintain engagement with customers between purchases, many leading brands are now leveraging gamification. Brands benefit from learning more about their customers’ behaviors and preferences, while customers reap the rewards earned. Learn more about how to leverage the Oracle CrowdTwist platform to create a fun gamified experience for your customer loyalty program members.

Leverage the power of CRM without leaving Microsoft 365

One of the main sources of frustration for digital sellers today is the tools they’re given to get the job done. See how Oracle Sales Add-In for Microsoft Outlook 365 alleviates seller frustration, and helps reps maximize efficiency and productivity.

What’s Oracle’s take? Read our latest executive commentary and insights

No going back: B2B commerce beyond the pandemic response and quick fixes

While 60% of B2B companies experienced a moderate to severe impact on their business due to the pandemic, 53% expect to continue to feel the impact through 2023. That’s just one of the eye-opening findings from the newly published report by Oracle and Mirakl on the strategies that are defining this moment and the future of B2B commerce.

Lifetime loyalty: Customers expect ongoing connection with retailers

At our recent virtual summit, Industry Insights: The New Connected Retailer, industry leaders discussed the importance of delivering a connected, frictionless customer experience to drive long-term loyalty. Read more about the current trends and how to successfully put the customer first.

3 ways artificial intelligence can make our jobs easier

AI is reshaping the way we deliver and interact with solutions in a way that we never before dreamed possible. Senior Vice President Shashi Seth shares his latest observations on the bold leaps we’re seeing in the science of AI.

We’re making news! Get the scoop below

Oracle is the exclusive CX Marketing Technology Partner of Red Bull Racing

In episode 27 of the Often Imitated podcast, Oracle Red Bull Racing CMO Oliver Hughes explained how they took Formula 1 racing to a whole other level by doing something completely new. Learn more about our exciting partnership!

And with Circuit de Monaco as our muse, we created a fun virtual tour of Oracle Advertising and CX. Check it out!

Oracle named a Leader in for Sales Force Automation Solutions

Forrester named Oracle a Leader and gave us the top score in the Current Offering category in The Forrester Wave™ for Sales Force Automation Solutions, Q2 2021. Read more about this distinction and how Oracle puts the seller experience at the heart of our product.

“2021 Adweek Readers’ Choice: Best of Tech Partner Awards”

We’re excited to be nominated as a finalist in seven categories! Cast your ballot today for your favorite Oracle CX solutions. You can vote daily through June 13.


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